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Accurate Appraisal Services

We specialize in divorce, bankruptcy, probate, estate, and measuring services, as well as residential property appraisals for home buyers, sellers, lenders, and investors. We are also FHA-certified appraisers so you can rest assure that every aspect of your property’s final value is as accurate as possible.

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Expert Appraisal Services in Tracy, CA and the Central Valley and Bay Area

We have the expertise needed to provide an accurate appraisal that can help you make informed decisions.

At Express Appraisals, we take pride in delivering timely and accurate appraisals for clients in Tracy, CA, and surrounding areas. Our company is VA  and FHA-approved. As such, we deliver results that meet all federal requirements. We aim to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your property, and we’ll work with you from start to finish.

Our appraisers see all the aspects of a home and use that information to assess its value accurately. This way, we help you make confident decisions about your real estate needs. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, consider reaching out today.

We Specialize In:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Building/Home Measuring Services
  • Divorce
  • Estate
  • Probate

Our Services

We offer appraisal services to help you make smart financial decisions. Our appraisers are highly trained and experienced and can provide a detailed analysis of your home’s value.

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Pre-listing Appraisal

Get a professional opinion on the value of your house before you put it on the market. We'll give you an unbiased opinion on its worth and what renovations could help improve its value.

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Buyer Appraisal

Buying a home can be one of the most important decisions you make in your life. Our FHA-certified appraisers work with you to ensure that your purchase is sound and protects your financial future.

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Appraisal Service

We can determine whether you have enough equity in your home to meet all requirements needed to qualify for PMI removal. Our appraisals are thorough, accurate, and compelling.

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Probate Appraisal

If you need help assessing the value of your loved one's estate, we can help. We are experienced appraisers who can help you determine the value of the estate to ensure it's divided fairly.

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One of the most important steps in the divorce process is determining the value of your home. We can give you an accurate estimate of its value and help you get the information you need to negotiate a fair settlement.

Why Us?

Make Sure Your Home Is Valued Accurately

Every year, thousands of people underestimate or overestimate the value of their homes—which can cost them money. The best way to avoid this is to get a professional appraisal. At Express Appraisals, we take pride in providing fast, reliable service. We assess your property using the most up-to-date techniques and deliver appraisals backed by accuracy. Our areas of expertise include property appraisals, real estate appraisals, and home appraisals. We’re also qualified to provide appraisal services for PMI removal purposes.

Our appraisers can come to your home and conduct an inspection. We study comparable houses in your neighborhood and properties recently sold in your area. We use this information to determine the value of your home if it were on the market today. You can use this fair market value for your home when making decisions about selling it, refinancing it, or getting a better interest rate on your mortgage.
If you’re considering buying or selling a home in Tracy, CA, or the surrounding areas, contact us today for more information about our appraisal services. We’re prepared to answer any questions you have.

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